Amy McGrath Changes Opinion on Judge Kavanaugh After Receiving Backlash

On Wednesday, Amy McGrath, a Democrat who is in the run-in to unseat current Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky, received a lot of backlash for her comments about Brett Kavanaugh. Namely, she said that, given the option, she would have given her vote to confirm the U.S. Supreme Court Associate Justice. However, after the backlash, she tracked back on those comments.

On her official twitter account, McGrath tweeted out that she based her previous comments on supporting Kavanaugh on his qualifications to sit on the Supreme Court. According to McGrath, she had made further reflections and better understood his record since then, and as a result, she changed her mind to voting no.

Earlier the same day, while giving an interview to the Louisville Courier Journal, McGrath claimed she would have voted for Kavanaugh despite having some concerns. Specifically, she took issue with Judge Kavanaugh’s stances that reflected a far-right ideology, which concerned her. Despite that, McGrath couldn’t find anything in his record that would make him unqualified to be seated on the Supreme Court. That is, until later on, when she received negative responses.

In the same interview, McGrath also reflected on Christine Blasey Ford’s sexual assault allegations against Judge Kavanaugh. According to the 44-year-old Democrat Senate candidate, although the allegations were “credible,” she still didn’t find them to represent enough grounds for Kavanaugh’s disqualification. She claimed that the time that went by between the allegations and the alleged assault was enough not to disqualify the Judge from the judicial standpoint.

Previous Comments

McGrath served the country as a combat pilot and is now a retired Marine lieutenant colonel. She made her Senate campaign public earlier this week, with speculations brewing for the past few months. Last year, she unsuccessfully challenged GOP Representative Andy Barr.

The point of view McGrath expressed in the Wednesday interview were a reversal of opinions in itself. It went against the remarks about Kavanaugh she made during the last year’s House campaign. Back then, she criticized Kavanaugh, who was a nominee then, on his views regarding women’s reproductive rights. Kentucky Republicans went publicly against McGarth’s remarks.

In July 2018, in an official Facebook post, the Democrat claimed that Kavanaugh, the nominee for the Supreme Court Justice, expressed his poor stance on many topics. Mostly, she claimed Kavanaugh was against workers’ rights, women’s reproductive rights, and consumer protections. She added that Kavanaugh represented one of the most partisan Court nominees in history.

At the time, in an interview to Lexington Herald Leader, a representative of the Republican Party of Kentucky openly spoke against McGarth. The Party claimed that, despite trying to portray herself as a moderate, McGarth was a far-left liberal who would defraud the voters into creating a powerful political machine run by Nancy Pelosi. Her comments about Kavanaugh, according to the GOP representative, highlighted her far-leftism and showed her real intentions.

Moderate Beliefs

A year later, the Kentucky Republican Party still sees McGrath as an “extreme liberal,” despite giving a moderate standpoint on several issues during this campaign, primarily on border security and health care.

While the majority of Democratic 2020 candidates for presidency stand behind “Medicare for All,” McGrath said she didn’t support the Act. This Act became a sort of a benchmark for progressivism, but the Democrat didn’t follow the rest of her fellow party members.

This wasn’t the only topic that McGrath changed her opinion on and walked back previous comments. She once claimed that President Donald Trump’s idea to build a border wall was “stupid.” However, in the same Wednesday’s interview, she said that at some parts of the border, a physical barrier would be a good solution.

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