Attorney General Andy Beshear became the Democratic nominee in Kentucky. He will ultimately go against Bevin. If you’re interested in finding out the latest details, you’ve come to the right place!

Beshear Prevails Over Other Democrats in Kentucky

Attorney General Andy Beshear will go face to face with the Republican Matt Bevin. Namely, Beshear will enter the race for the governor of Kentucky, as he has secured the Democratic nomination. During the primary election, he was able to prevail over two other Democrats — Rocky Adkins and Adam Edelen.

Furthermore, Beshear’s mission is to return the power over Kentucky to the Democrats. Aside from this, he wants to continue with his family tradition. To be specific, Steve Beshear, his father, was a widely accepted governor. He served two terms before Bevin took charge.

In addition, Andy Beshear did not hide his opinion of Bevin from the get-go. He aimed a lot of criticism at him. In fact, they have been caught in a number of legal battles against each other. In particular, Beshear questioned some of Bevin’s decisions and even decided to sue him over education and pension problems.

Edelen’s Participation

Adam Edelen was not able to make a comeback this time around. He conceded defeat in this run for the Democratic nomination. During his speech, he was still very much vocal about his progressive ideas. Edelen emphasized the need for creating a modern state economy. As per his words, it would bring renewable energy jobs to this state, which would be beneficial. Also, he reminded his fellow Democrats that they should support the gubernatorial nominee in his battle against Republican Gov. Matt Bevin.

What’s more, Edelen launched a series of negative ads aimed at his rival, Andy Beshear, during the primaries. However, he deemed this quarrel to be just a family dispute. This politician believes that Bevin will ultimately bring the Democrats closer in their battle against him. Edelen’s career took a significant hit four years ago. This was when he did not succeed in getting reelected for state auditor.

The Republican Nomination Process

Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin was able to overcome the first obstacle after beating three contenders for the Republican nomination. This happened on Tuesday. And competing against him were William Woods, Robert Goforth, and Ike Lawrence. Bevin is close to President Trump, who is quite popular in this state. And the governor’s impressive results will undoubtedly help him during the fall campaign. For now, Kentucky is leaning towards the Republicans and has many conservatives.

Additionally, it would seem that Bevin was able to repair the damage he made during his quarrel with public school teachers and the group that represented them. Aside from this, his approval ratings decreased, as he could not make changes to the public pension systems. This, it would seem, did not sit well with the citizens.

Nevertheless, President Trump seems to be supportive of this Republican governor. He pleaded with Kentuckians to elect Bevin this past Tuesday. And Trump praised him for all of his accomplishments. One of the voters from Lawrenceburg, Tom Priddy, made Bevin his choice. For him, it was enough to see that this politician was a Trump ally. Some experts stated that everything was going according to plan at the polls. However, they had expected a bigger turnout.

The First Part of the Primaries

Bevin went against Rep. Robert Goforth, as well as two additional contenders in the GOP primary. Admittedly, he did not fare well between conservatives. Among some of his wrongdoings, it is essential to mention the fact that he has criticized teachers who chose to go to rallies instead of working that day.

The citizens in Kentucky decided in an election that showed what they thought about Gov. Matt Bevin’s performance. As for Democrats, they had to opt for one of the three gubernatorial candidates. In addition, the ballot had contested primaries that would decide who the next attorney general would be.

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