McConnell’s Run

Mitch McConnell is trying to get re-elected in Kentucky. We bring you all you need to know about this interesting race in this article!

McConnell’s Bid for Re-election in Kentucky

The Senate Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell, made some remarks about his readiness to take a vacant seat in the Supreme Court. However, they have not sat well with some critics. They are hoping to finally defeat this longtime lawmaker from Kentucky. Also, their reaction has reminded everyone that McConnell was up for re-election next year. Undoubtedly, he will go against the Democrats and their supporters.

So it is high time to take a closer look at this race!

McConnell’s Plans

McConnell’s ultimate goal is for the judiciary to become more conservative. He has taken a particular interest in this ever since President Trump won in 2017. If you were to look at the campaign website, you would notice that it highlighted some things McConnell mentioned in his speeches. In them, he bragged about how he was at the forefront of the fight for conservative values. And McConnel backed this up by mentioning that two conservative justices were appointed to the Supreme Court.

What’s more, the site detailed his participation in getting rid of government regulations and how he was able to legalize industrial hemp and approve Republican tax cuts. But then, the message took a different tone. To be specific, it attacked progressive activists, left-wing billionaires, and Hollywood liberals. McConnell believes that they are all coming after him. Back in 2014, when he was the minority leader, he said that Kentucky was better off with him than with some freshman Democrat. And now everyone expects him to take complete control over the Senate.

Trump Will Have a Leading Role

President Trump does exceptionally well in Kentucky when compared to some other states. Here, he achieved a net approval of 16 points. Morning Consult, a polling firm, determined these statistics. In contrast, McConnell cannot boast about the same accomplishment. Namely, he is the least popular senator in the United States. His net approval is negative 16 points.

McConnell resembles Governor Matt Bevin in that they are both planning to side with the president. For instance, McConnell’s first advertisement features the president praising him. He describes him as being “Kentucky tough” — a trait he especially exhibited during the confirmation hearing of Brett Kavanaugh. Justice Kavanaugh joined the high court even though there were allegations of sexual assault. Trump concluded with a statement that a tougher senator did not exist.

Who Will Run?

When it comes to the Democrats, many believe that the former Marine pilot Amy McGrath will go against McConnell. She made headlines last year during her run for Congress. In the end, she lost to Andy Barr, a Republican. Nevertheless, she has remained in politics and has been outspoken all along.

Furthermore, there were rumors that the Senate Minority Leader, Chuck Schumer, met with McGrath in order to ask her to participate in the Senate race. She is even getting support from the Ditch Mitch Fund — a political action group. Additionally, they created a site “Draft Amy” that is full of digital ads.

Another person who might go face to face with McConnell is sports radio host Matt Jones. He has been toying with the idea of running for years now, but this time around, many believe he is serious in his intentions. He fueled rumors when he was featured in Politico just last year. Jones also seemed ready to attack his rivals. He made some comments about McGrath and said that she could not win in this state.

Experts say that the Democratic bench is thin. This prompted George Takei to tweet that he was thinking about moving to Kentucky to try his chances against McConnell. At the moment, Steven Cox, a healthcare professional, is the only official Democratic candidate. As for the Republican primary, C. Wesley Morgan declared he would participate in the election.

Mitch Is Well-To-Do

The McConnell campaign knows what to do in order to obtain money from donations. Then, they use this to boost his re-election machine. For instance, his campaign was able to persuade people to donate because of cocaine jokes and Mueller’s investigation. Since January, Team Mitch has been able to collect $2.1 million. Additionally, they have about $5.6 million in cash, which they can use at any given time. This surpasses the previous record of $1.8 million. McConnell raised this amount in 2013. During this time, he was in a run against Bevin.

Additionally, this figure does not take into account what McConnell might have gotten from a range of independent groups that support him. To be specific, three organizations — McConnell for Majority Leader, Bluegrass PAC, and McConnell Senate Committee have brought in $2.8 million for this politician.

If Democrats want to pose a serious threat to McConnell, then they need to raise a significant amount of money for their candidate. Five years ago, the senator used $10 million to prevail over Bevin. After this, he received $31 million to beat the Democrat Alison Lundergan Grime. In comparison, she raised $19 million.

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