Thursday was an important day for business in Eastern Kentucky. McCreary County became a new home for Fibrotex USA. Governor of Kentucky, Matt Bevin, and Hal Rogers attended the opening ceremony, where they talked about the new facility as well as the opportunities Kentucky will get.

They also said that the new facility would create over 350 new full-time jobs for the people in and around McCreary County through an over $12-million investment.

Fibrotex is a company that got awarded a ten-year contract as well as almost half a billion to create an ultra-light camo net for the U.S. Army. Furthermore, with the new facility, the whole project will create an economic opportunity for Southeast Kentucky. The governor also said that Outdoor Venture Corporation has been an important part of the McCreary County for more than thirty years and that he loved the idea of one great company bringing others to the region.

The CEO of Fibrotex, Eyal Malleron, said that the U.S. troops are facing enemies that are almost their peers and that they have capabilities that weren’t even possible twenty years ago. Furthermore, he added that it was necessary they adapt and learn more about camouflage and deception.

Congressman Hal Rogers made sure that there were resources available and that there were other initiatives that will support the troops. He also said that he believes that Fibrotex is a perfect fit for the state and McCreary County. Rogers added that he was proud that they were creating specialized equipment for the military and that it would impact the whole rural region in the upcoming years. He also praised the number of jobs that the facility would create.

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