Horse Mania

Ann Pass finally gets her statue back. The Lily Mo-Neigh will now be a part of the nursing home where it will greet visitors. Let’s find out more about this heartwarming story!

“Horse Mania” Statue Reunited With Its Artist

The Lily Mo-Neigh is warmly welcoming people and passersby at the Legacy Reserve at Fritz Farm. As some might now, this is a nursing home which is located in Lexington. As for Lily Mo-Neigh, it was a part of an art project. To be specific, the 2010 Horse Mania presented 89 horses in total. Also, artists donated all of these statues and worked diligently on them. In the end, they auctioned them off in order to support local charities.

What’s more, Ann Pass, who made this particular statue, said that she derived inspiration from the great Claude Monet. By her own admission, he was her ultimate hero, and she wanted to emulate him. The Lily Mo-Neigh was not at the Legacy Reserve at the Fritz Farm from the moment Pass created it.

Namely, they sold the statue about nine years ago. Following the purchase, they dispatched it to Ohio. It did not take long for Pass’s family to locate her creation. They explained everything to the owner, who then decided to sell it.

Today, Lily Mo-Neigh is an essential part of this nursing home. Its creator is always keeping a close eye on it. Pass concludes that she feels delighted when she hears people who say that they will meet each other near the horse. She loves that it has become a meeting place.

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