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The euphoria around holidays, especially New Year, can sometimes be overwhelming. We all feel obligated to look our best, be in a celebratory mood, and do something — anything really, because that’s what’s supposed to happen, right? Well, you actually have more options than just sitting at a restaurant in a ball gown or a suit, waiting for midnight. Read on, as we’re about to give you some ideas on all the ways you can spend this special night.

     1. Kentucky State Parks

Maybe you are one of those outdoorsy people who are not really keen on fancy parties, dinners, or extravagant dress codes — check out your local parks. That might sound a bit boring, or you may think, “What am I going to do at a park on a winter’s night?” but trust us — there are so many fun things to do. A lot of the parks offer cottages, lodges, provide food, and special New Year’s programs. There’s usually music, so you can loosen up and dance under the moonlight. However, you can always enjoy the coziness of a cottage while cuddling with your loved one or indulging in some wine with your friends.

     2. Great Gatsby Party

Maybe you’re up for a party but are thinking they are all somewhat similar, and you want to spice it up for New Year’s Eve. Well, if that’s the case, this is just the right event. There’s a Gatsby Party in Lexington, KY, and it brings back the evergreen vibes of the 1920s. If you love the extravagant aesthetics, sophisticated fashion, and just want to party in style, be sure to reserve yourself a spot. “A little party never killed anybody!”

     3. 90s Throwback Party

Another themed party — this one is a special treat for all ’90s babies or anyone who just loves the music and fashion of this era. Head out to Elizabethtown, KY, to enjoy your favorite rappers and ’90s R’n’B. It’s a nice contrast, actually, to slip into the new year while celebrating nostalgia.

     4. Masquerade New Year’s Eve Party

Masquerade is a common theme, and it will never stop being fun. So go into the New Year as your favorite movie character, superhero, or just wear a fancy and mysterious mask. You can even participate in the “Best mask” competition and possibly win some cash. This particular party is happening in Shively, KY.

     5. Black and White Party

This party is elegant and sophisticated, and you actually need to be over thirty to get in. It’s a bit of an elitist celebration, as guests are mostly entrepreneurs and businessmen. If you need to fancy up your life a bit, put on your most extravagant gown or suit and party on.

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