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Josh Allen, the 7th NFL pick this year signed his rookie contract with Jacksonville Jaguars this year.

“Focusing on Football Feels Good”

Josh stated signing the contract was an amazing feeling. He said that he felt good about the fact that he could focus only on football. Nothing else outside the field mattered, said Allen. For now, everything is settled as Josh waits for his family to join him. After that, he can successfully be a Jaguar all his life, according to his own words.

Allen missed practice on Thursday due to his slight knee injury. His coach stated that fans should not worry as it was a small injury, and they had no concerns about it.

Allen stated that he felt good and that he was playing football after all. He claims that all of his friends had some type of injury playing football and that he’s never heard of a person that was spared.

The NFL rookies’ salary is quite a hefty sum — according to the latest rules, it is set at $22.7 million for a four-year deal. Josh said that he couldn’t wait to be back on the field.

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