It’s always a good thing when people are given the opportunity to help local farmers. The residents of Lexington, KY, will have that chance in the following week. The Farmers’ Market will be open for the locals who want to try fresh, new, state-grown produce. That is not only good for the farmers and their families, but the overall budget of the city will be positively affected as well. In addition to this, you, as a buyer, will get fresh and healthy produce for a low price.

Unfortunately, a great number of Kentuckians have a low income, so this week will be an excellent opportunity for them to stock up on a variety of fresh fruits, veggies, and meats; all of that at a low price. So if this is helping farmers grow their businesses, both sides are getting the best out of the situation. Out of a hundred and sixty markets, forty-one will offer this unique opportunity of meeting great people and getting delicious, local produce.

Another thing that’ll benefit the farmers is the fact that the Markets are partnering with groups, such as Double Dollars; it is a direct profit for local farmers, as the money goes right into their pockets.

Healthy, tasty food and low prices are not the only things the locals of Lexington will enjoy; there’s an overall, mutual sense of community. Great things happen when people get together and help each other with things like these. Not only will you find great produce, but you might also make some friends along the way, and possibly find a farmer you like and come back for more fresh, state-grown products.

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