Ky State Fair

If you happen to find yourself near Louisville around the end of August, make sure to visit the Kentucky State Fair. It will take place between 15–25 August at the KY Exposition Center. This annual event offers lots of great food (deep-fried of course), cool concerts, and many different promotions that you might want to check out.

Other activities include animal exhibits, playground park, multiple vendors with food and drinks. When it comes to tickets, you can find them at reasonable prices; if you buy them in advance, they’ll be available for $7, while during the fair, you can get them at the gate for $10, and online for $8. Gates will be open from 7 a.m., and the exhibit halls from 9 a.m. As for the parking tickets, they’ll also be available online and at the gate. And if you prefer biking, bike racks will be at your disposal at every gate.

We mentioned special promotions earlier, and they are really worth paying attention to. They can win you a chance of meeting a local journalist, or even a discount on your tickets. As for the concerts, all of them will be free, and will start at 8 p.m. The Sunday show will start at 4 p.m. You don’t need to choose any seats in advance, just try and find a place on the spot.

When it comes to food, you know the Southerners won’t fail you. This year’s KY State Fair will let you indulge in a specialty that’s basically barbecue pork, with a side of mac and cheese, which is a new thing on the menu in comparison to previous years. If the sound of it doesn’t bring water to your mouth, wait till you hear what goes in it: macaroni and cheese, and on top of it — fresh red onion and delicious jalapeno slices.

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