Louisville, Kentucky — A new baby elephant, born at a zoo in Kentucky this summer, has everything an elephant calf may need. That is, almost everything because he still does not have a name.

However, he is approaching that point and is about to be named. According to the announcement published by the Louisville Zoo, the three finalists are Rocket, Fitz, and Walt.

According to the statement the zoo released on Monday, over 15,000 names were proposed for the baby elephant born on August 2.

Kristin Hays from Prospect suggested “Fitz,” which was the name of her great-grandfather, who was rather fond of elephants. Tatyana Malkin’s daughter of nine years of age, named Sofia, asked her mother to propose the name “Rocket” to go with another inhabitant of the zoo, Groot, the bongo that had been named shortly before. Both names are inspired by the movie “Guardians of the Galaxy.” Finally, Taylor Barr from Meade County proposed the name “Walt,” wishing that an elephant was named after Walt Disney

Zoo visitors are invited to wager bills or coins in a kiosk at the zoo in order to vote. Alternately, they can vote online, wagering credit card donations.

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