Abortion Rights Protesters

There is a lot of protesting against Alabama and Georgia passing their anti-abortion laws where women could get sentenced up to 99 years for doing it. The women of Kentucky have rallied on the streets of Lexington to make sure this law never gets passed in the state.

The Streets of Lexington Are Pro-Women’s Rights

More than 100 people have gone out on the streets of Lexington to express their concerns about women’s rights when it comes to their bodies. Participants chanted and encouraged to raise your fists and voice and that Kentucky was a pro-choice state. They are also against the church or the state deciding on their rights, claiming that this choice belongs to women only.

This is only one of the many protests happening all over the country in order to stop states eager to pass the anti-abortion law. Earlier this year, the legislature has passed the bill to prevent abortions in the state as soon as the fetus’ heartbeat was felt. However, the American Civil Liberty Union has sued over this act, and the court has blocked it from taking effect, at least for now.

The Roe v. Wade victory is under attack in various states, says Karen Conley. She believes there is a high chance that a lot of states will bring the law that could potentially limit Roe v. Wade. These states are not coming up with any exceptions in cases of rape or incest, which is atrocious, according to most protesters.

She also stated that NOW is collecting signatures for a petition that would stop this ban from being delivered to Andy Barr.

One of the protesters, Rikka Wallin, who is taking care of her ill father, said that she decided to hire a caregiver for the first time so she could get out on the streets and protest for women’s rights. She stated that the same people who wish to control what women do with their bodies and wombs are men who also ignore apparent problems, such as water, air, gun, and health care issues.

The protesters claim that these men are taking away their rights — the rights that were already given to them. They promise that they are not going back to the age where women were oppressed and that they will fight.

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