Maximize Living Space

All about making your home a better living space. Clutter-free and space-efficient areas. Tips and a few secrets.

Turning a Living Space Into Something More

Many of us that live active lives, running about our everyday tasks, often forget about our living space and its health. Are we efficient enough in that area of life? Do we make the necessary changes in order to improve? For all of us asking ourselves these and similar questions, help is near. All we have to do is find a professional organizer and put our problem in their safe hands.

A Real Treat for DIYers

Dan Reeder and other organizing professionals have a solution for those looking to use every square inch of problematic areas. From messy offices to nightmarish closets — nothing is a problem for this owner of Northern Kentucky Cedar, a Maysville plant producing closet systems. Dan says all you need for this Lego-like system of assembly is childhood play experience and a bit of imagination.

From Woods to a Final Creation

Northern Kentucky Cedar is an environmentally friendly, nature-loving organization. Hanging kits, shoe cubbies, shelving, and more, all made of naturally odor-absorbing, aromatic, and insect-repelling red cedar — all made to help you organize your space. Found in the eastern part of the United States, Red cedars growth heavily outpaces its harvesting, making it non-endangered and a perfect material for gathering. Will Tucker, from NKC operations, claims that the wood is bought from most of the states in the region, served by Kentucky’s electric cooperatives. It’s easy to cut and fit in almost any space or assemble as a whole unit. Moreover, NKC organizers come with instructions — they don’t need to be painted and are easy to assemble and design.

“A beginner should be able to assemble a closet wall in six hours,” says Reeder, and for the purpose of comparison, notes that he personally needs around two hours to do it. However, he’s been around for over 25 years.

The creative process starts with a visit to the NKC website, where you design the space. They encourage you to ask specific questions about the final product, while for design help, you can turn to the company’s customer support. Over 10 inches deep, the adjustable corner cubby shelves are a significant component in maximizing your living space. Reeder points out that wrapping a shelving unit around corners utilizes 100 percent of any closet.

Anti-Clutter Strategy

Clutter imposes many problems on us — constantly losing things, not knowing for sure what we already own, and a general feeling of chaos. It affects our emotional space as well as physical. We often feel overwhelmed and don’t know where to begin. Consequently, achieving organizational success and defeating our emotional attachment to objects is a big challenge. Kim Jones, who represents L+K Home Organisation based in Louisville, advises us to first acquire a vision of the final space before getting started with the transformation. For progress to be possible, it’s best to start small so that we can make quick decisions about our space.

Organizing Your World

Getting organized is a step-by-step process, and you can hire a professional to help you. One such professional is Margie Witt, and she has been organizing satisfied customers for more than twenty years. Better Design, a small business she opened, brings together all her professional experience. From organizing closets to installing whole systems, depending on your needs, Witt does it all.

After the sorting phase and deciding what to stay comes the reloading phase, where you fill the newly organized space. Excess things can always be donated. After all, the goal, regardless of the size of the area, is to set up a system of routines that will help you keep the order. Unless you have an effective system of habits, your newly organized space won’t last. You have to develop and nourish your healthy habits, and you and your space will be grateful for it.

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