Drink Driving

Twenty-four-year-old Sequoyah Collins showed up in Fayette District Court where she was charged with driving under the influence. The judge entered a not guilty plea instead of her and assigned her a public defender.

Namely, Sequoyah Collins is not in jail because she paid the bail. She is indicted for a car crash that happened early in the morning.  Alexia Gomez Hernandez, who was only ten years old, was killed in the crash, and five other people got severe injuries. Alexia’s family and friends said that two other kids who were injured have a long recovery ahead of them. Witnesses told the police that Collins increased the speed and went through a red light, and consequently hit a car in front of her. The other car was trying to turn left from Tates Creek Road onto Lansdowne Drive.

In her statement, right after the accident, she admitted that she had two drinks one hour prior to the accident. The police officers who talked to Collins sensed the odor of alcohol drinks that she drank before the tragedy. Besides the unpleasant smell of alcohol, she wasn’t able to keep her balance and was mumbling. When she was to do a field sobriety test, she demonstrated disability and declined to take a breath or blood test.

The judge suspended her driver’s license because this case is going to court. The date for the next court appearance is set for July 16. Lexington’s police force noted that she could end up with more charges.

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