Stop the Tattoo Proposal

The new proposal which wants to ban artists from tattooing scarred skin is receiving fierce opposition. Check out the latest on this news here.

Tattoo Artists Are Against the Newest Proposal in Kentucky

A myriad of tattoo artists and those who support them went to Frankfort. Their mission was to stop a number of proposed regulations that would ban the artists from doing tattoos on scarred skin. Discussing the state’s tattoo regulations is the Kentucky Cabinet for Health and Family Services. They will organize a public hearing which will focus on this amendment. And the officials want to reflect on health issues that might arise after someone gets a tattoo on unhealthy skin.

Among their concern is healing scar tissue. Dr. Jeffrey Howard from the Department of Public Health Commissioner said that the proposed regulation included some unforeseen consequences. He promised that they would address them. Howard explained the process itself. Namely, the Cabinet needs to first come up with regulation and then propose it. After that, they are open to hearing the opinion of the public. This is because they want to ensure that the proposal will be right for everyone.

Furthermore, he made it clear that the Cabinet was looking forward to getting the public’s input. Their hope is to improve regulation with the comments they will receive. Those who are not in favor of the scarred skin regulation say that this proposition does not clarify what a scar is. Mainly because there is a variety of scars that artists now recognize.

The Public’s Input

One of the first people to express her opinion was a breast cancer survivor. She reflected on her tattoo and confessed that she felt like a woman again because of it. Additionally, one artist who focuses on mastectomy art was vocal as well. He explained that artists underwent thorough training to find out more about scar tissue. And one of his colleagues said that, among other things, he covered up scars from self-harm and c-sections. Also, he did some tattoo coverups.

Lastly, the state admitted that the regulation might undergo changes. And the Department for Public Health will talk about the language of the proposal as soon as they get the public’s opinion on the subject.

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