Pikeville town

The Arts district in Pikeville is getting the improvement it deserves. Namely, it’s a great opportunity for the locals to enjoy in all kinds of activities, as well as for the town, which will get the economic development boost.

The project will be funded with $30,000 from the American Association of Retired Persons, which is just for the initial phase of the whole operation. Additionally, the construction will start at the beginning of October, and the overall budget will be more than one million dollars. It will affect not only the town of Pikeville *itself*, but the *entire* Appalachian region as well.

One of the benefits that locals are going to enjoy first hand is the street improvement; everything’s going to be pedestrian-friendly, and the whole plaza of the venue will be more accessible for people to gather and mingle through the center. Along with the arts center, the District offers a theater. The local arts will really have a place where everyone can enjoy them in an overall improved space.

After the completion of the program, the focus will be on the much improved outdoor space, which will allow locals and visitors to enjoy all the amenities fully. A local brewery, park, and an amphitheater are just some of the places that people of Pikeville will get.

AARP started this project in several other cities, too. The intention is to get people to know that their hometown has a lot to offer. Senior citizens should have a nice place for their morning walks, and families could spend weekends at the galleries, or just enjoy a picnic in the park. For all of them, Pikeville will be a home, where they can enjoy all kinds of activities, and also feel like they don’t have to get away for a weekend in order to enjoy some exciting activities — all one needs is there.

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