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Republican Daniel Cameron recently posted a Facebook video after which he gained the support from the president. Reportedly, it appears that the race for Kentucky’s new attorney general is becoming highly personal. Cameron has directly targeted his democratic rival, Greg Stumbo.

Cameron’s video accused former Attorney General, Democrat Greg Stumbo, of being a “deadbeat dad,” along with other allegations. The Republican also discussed an alleged charge for a DUI as well as prostitution and called his opponent a “liar.”

The 60-second campaign ad was designed to resemble a Google search. In it, the narrator looks up the identity of the Democrat and reads out the results. In the end, the narrator announces that “we can do better,” referring to the attorney general’s race.

However, on Friday, Stumbo released a reply, claiming that the Republicans’ tactics were misleading and highly personal. The video addresses some Kentucky values and also reveals a church which Stumbo frequently visited during childhood.

Fierce Accusations

In terms of some of Cameron’s allegations, the prostitution comments were related to a case from 1997 involving Kent Downy and Witt Wisman. The two were indicted for prostitution and gambling using an event management company as a front. Stumbo was a friend and acquaintance of Kent Downy. He was surprised when the charges were revealed.

Furthermore, the comment regarding the charge for a DUI related back to 1991. Stumbo was charged for driving under the influence. However, he has denied those charges. Allegedly, the candidate was not driving at the time, and he claims that a designated driver was with him. When the police found Stumbo, he was standing near his truck. At the time, Stumbo expressed his outrage and claimed that he was falsely accused. The DUI charge was dismissed.

Lastly, Cameron’s “deadbeat dad” comment harkens back to a lawsuit from 2001. Travis Fritsch took Stumbo to court, accusing him of failing to pay child support worth $40,000 after their relationship in the 1980s. However, the Democrat claimed that he was never under any legal obligation to complete those payments.

Attorney General Race

Greg Stumbo (67) was Kentucky’s Attorney General for four years (2004 to 2008). As a House of Representatives member of over three decades, he claimed that if elected again, he would focus strongly on the opioid crisis. According to Stumbo, he plans to target the drug companies responsible, while his campaign leaders have criticized some of his decisions.

According to Meredith Scalos, who is associated with the candidate’s campaign, his staff is mainly focused on his previous attorney general experience. Moreover, Scalos claimed that his opponent is inexperienced in court and focuses too much on personal attacks.

Republican Daniel Cameron (33) defeated Wil Schroder in May’s Republican primary. After the harsh campaign video, Cameron gained support from the president. On Twitter, Trump expressed that he would fully support the candidate. He also claimed that he endorses Cameron’s stance on borders and crime and called him a “star” of the Republican party.

Cameron then said that he was honored to gain support from the president.

However, the tension did not end there. Stumbo’s daughter was targeted by Tres Watson, a Republican consultant. Watson’s Twitter post accused the candidate of being “a bad dude” and supported the previous allegations. He tagged Kassidy Stumbo in the post, writing that her father was lying to her.

While Stumbo took a relatively calm stance and did not reply to many accusations and comments, he tweeted a response. He wrote that his campaign is more focused on the improvement of Kentucky and not on “cheap” political moves. Additionally, he claimed that the family comments were inappropriate and “low.”

The Attorney General election is set to take place on November 5.

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