A few days ago, Republicans built an actual wall in the Capitol Annex in Kentucky with the idea to physically block Democrats in the shared room.

There were several reports from people working inside the Capitol office that the wall was being built in order to separate Republican and Democratic lawmakers. Representatives from both parties admitted that the move was partisan, but they refused to comment any further. They also declined the opportunity to elaborate or to mention if there were security reasons behind this move.

The new wall currently separates three lawmakers from the Republican party from the rest of the Democrats in the shared office. Naturally, several politicians denounced this move on social media, including Sheri Donahue.

Furthermore, other members also reported that Republicans “literally” built a wall and that this walling off of their colleagues was done as “partisan privacy.”

The reports say that the wall will separate three Republicans that are in the majority in the Capitol from their Democrat colleagues who are in the minority. Besides, it is expected that it will cost taxpayers over $12,000. Democrats also added that this move was clearly copying President Trump’s ideology but taking it to a new level.

Donahue also said that the move was childish and that this was one of the reasons why people were losing faith in the government. She also said that building this wall was a waste of tax money. Other people that commented also had an issue with the price that would be covered with tax funds.

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