Rollecoster in Kentecky

You can always count on Kentucky if you want to be a part of a traditional event. This Yard Sale will begin on the first Thursday of the month and end on Saturday.

The Fair will take place in several states, and when it comes to Kentucky, it will be located in Marion. This is a small town, but considering that it’s home to Kentucky’s Amish Community, it’s pretty populated: over five hundred people reside in it. If you love slow-paced towns, you’ll enjoy Marion. You can also contribute to the Amish Community by buying furniture, baked goods, or cabinetry. Before you go to the Yard Sale, take a ride on a free ferry across the Ohio River.

The whole point of this Fair was to actually make the Cordell Hull Highway a better-traveled road and to make improvements on it. The entire area around Cordell Hull Highway is really worth seeing, so this event is a great opportunity if you want to explore the beauties of Marion. This actually worked, since 140,000 people visited the town in 2001.

The Yard Sale expanded through five countries, which is really good for improving the overall image and tourism development of the states. This great idea got people to get to know these states better; all while participating in the fun Yard Sale.

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