Cheerleaders from Anderson County High School suspended a flag with Trump’s slogan on it before their school’s football game. “Make America Great Again Trump Those Patriots” was written on it. The “Trump Those Patriots” part refers to the opposing team from Lincoln County High School, nicknamed the Patriots. Anderson County High School posted a video of the Banner to Facebook.

Anderson County’s players burst through the banner to the sounds of a cheering crowd. One of the players held a U.S. flag, as seen in a separate video. The game concluded with 28–14 in favor of Anderson County.

The school’s student section’s Twitter states that the game-theme was “America-out.” That means students wore patriotic, America-proud clothing. The banner, however, remains a social media discussion topic.

Some voiced their discontent over the banner. A man called the display disgusting and disrespectful. A woman stated that she couldn’t believe she actually attended the school. Other comments ranged from calling it an embarrassment to claiming it was a teachable moment for the cheerleaders.

Others, however, voiced their support. A woman congratulated the girls, adding that the thought they put into the banner was apparent. Another commenter explained that he was the U.S. president whether others participating in the discussion like it or not. The commenter added that the slogan was a clever play on words regarding the theme, the opponent, and Trump’s name.

In the latest presidential election, the county was overwhelmingly in favor of Trump. Namely, 72.2 percent of voters, or 8,200 people, voted for him.

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