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Thomas Massie decided to block the disaster relief from moving forward. To discover what transpired in more detail, read this article.

Thomas Massie Opposes the $19B Disaster Relief Proposal

House Democrats did not succeed in getting the long-delayed $19 billion disaster aid package approved. Even though President Trump made it clear that he was for it, a Kentucky Republican did not agree with him. It was Thomas Massie who opposed the bill. He relied on a procedural move which helped him stop the proposal.

The House, which Democrats control, advanced and proposed this measure. They wanted to help a myriad of Americans living in territories and states. And there was a unanimous consent which meant that it would pass quickly and that not many lawmakers had to be present. Nevertheless, one member can exert influence and block a proposal. If that happens, no one will take into account the unanimous consent.

What’s more, Massie’s decision resembles the one from his fellow Republican. Namely, Congressman Chip Roy prevented the measure from advancing in the House on Friday. He was worried about its cost. As for Massie, he did not want to answer questions from reporters. But he took it to Twitter to defend his decision. He wrote that the vote was a case of legislative malpractice.

Massie also said that the full House would not approve the measure. Thus, this made him wonder why Democrats would let members go back to their districts before they approved the spending. Also, he questioned Speaker Pelosi’s actions. He could not understand why she would send members home for ten days and then ask them to vote.

Fierce Opposition to Their Decision

Kentucky’s Democratic Rep. John Yarmuth stated that the legislation would be approved once everyone returned back to Washington. And he went on to say that these two Republicans should feel guilty because of their actions. According to Yarmuth, Massie and Roy were cruel in their intention to delay aid to the citizens. As a matter of fact, he believes they will pass it next week. So, as per him, the victims of natural disasters are only feeling anxious because of these two politicians.

Furthermore, Massie’s decision to stop this bipartisan deal happened after the Senate passed it by an 85 to 8 vote. During this session, Republican Sen. Rand Paul was not in favor of it. And there were a number of GOP members who criticized Massie. They believe that this measure can be beneficial to those residing in their states. Sen. David Perdue tweeted that this was the prime example of politicians who were more interested in their own gain. And he finds that it is pathetic that some politicians just want to make the headlines.

The Disaster Relief

Georgia is one of the Republican states that has suffered natural disasters in its rural areas. Other states are Florida and Nebraska. Perdue even reminded everyone that Trump was supportive of this $19 billion proposal. According to him, everyone should stop with the political games and focus on approving the disaster relief. Republican Austin Scott condemned Massie’s move as well. Without mentioning Massie in a tweet, he wrote that a lot of clowns were against this measure.

Moreover, Scott said that these clowns were delaying the measure which would take care of the farmers who were affected by the storms. He strongly believes that President Trump will approve the bill. As for this disaster relief, it has been a topic in Congress ever since December. Sadly, due to the fact that it has not been passed, many Americans are still waiting for aid. This proposal would help them rebuild their houses and strengthen the infrastructure.

This bill has had two obstacles so far. Firstly, Republicans do not want to provide additional money for Puerto Rico. And secondly, Democrats do not want to approve the Administration’s request for $4.5 billion which they would use to fund the border wall. Trump maintains that they will get the money for immigration. And he thinks he should focus on helping the farmers for now.

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